Graphic design: Henri Kutsar

Hekla will be making her Kai debut to perform a special theremin concert amid Shoplifter’s Hyperweb. Join us for a unique opportunity to hear this rare instrument live on Saturday, October 7th at 7pm.


Shoplifter’s exhibition is accompanied by a soundscape created by Icelandic musician and talented theremin player Hekla. Mixing both archaic and futuristic sounds, Hekla’s compositions are a treat for fans of experimental music. Her gentle and fragile music resonates with the dark folklore of Iceland, creating deep sounds and a beautifully intense presence. The unique tones and haunting music will stay with you long after the experience is over.


The theremin is an instrument played without touch. It consists of two antennas – one is used to control the pitch and the other is for volume. To play the instrument, the thereminist moves their hands in the electromagnetic field of the antennas. Hekla has become one of the most outstanding theremin players of her generation. With her first single Hekla (2016), she won the Kraumur award in Iceland. Hekla’s second album Xiuxiuejar (2021) was recognized as album of the month by The Guardian.


Tickets are available at Fienta for 25€ and also at Kai Art Center an hour before the event.


A limited amount of Patron Tickets are available for 50€. In addition to the concert, the Patron Ticket includes a meeting with Hekla and an opportunity to play the instrument. Hekla’s teaching method is based on graphic notation, which allows anyone to learn some basics and discover the sounds of the theremin. The Patron Tickets are only available at Fienta.