Web seminar ‘How to reduce the ecological footprint of a cultural organization?’ (in English) takes place on Thursday, December 9th at 1pm to 2.30pmSaara Korpela, who has the experience of working as the eco-coordinator for four Finnish art organizations shares ideas and tools for reducing the environmental impact of an organization. What are meaningful targets and how to reach them? How to get started and how to keep going? What is the role of energy, travel, food and purchases in different organizations? How are climate emissions linked with biodiversity loss? What is a carbon footprint and how do you measure it? This and other questions will be discussed in the presentation on how to reduce the ecological footprint of a cultural organization.


MA Saara Korpela has worked as the eco-coordinator for Finnish art organizations IHME Helsinki, Frame Contemporary Art Finland, Helsinki International Artist Programme – HIAP and Mustarinda. She has calculated the carbon footprint of the organizations and shared her experience and tips e.g. on IHME’s Ecoblog. She has studied environmental protection, waste and water management, sustainable development as well as translation and interpretation, and worked previously in the field of logistics and organic foods.


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The seminar is organized by the Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center and is supported by the European Regional Development Fund and the National Foundation of Civil Society/Estonian Ministry of the Interior.


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Kadi-Ell Tähiste, Project Manager