Coworking space

A shared office or coworking space is waiting for you at Kai Art Center. Here, you can rent a workplace for yourself or for your whole team. That is, if you value contemporary art and culture, and are interested in synergy that boosts cooperation!


The conditions of working at Kai are flexible. We also make special agreements with larger teams.


There are 16 desks in the coworking space, some of which are permanently used by the Kai Art Center team and the people involved in the Center’s program. There are also two meeting rooms and the necessary support services: WiFi, printer, lockers, kitchen and the rest area.


The shared office space is located on the second floor of Kai building at Peetri 12, Tallinn. The rental price includes participation at Kai Art Center’s events and exhibitions.


The meeting rooms Kiisk and Säinas are equipped with video conferencing devices and are named after the submarines built at Noblessner.

Additional services for Members of Kai Shared Office

The team of the Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center (ECADC) offers the following services to coworking participants as necessary:

  • Legal advice
  • Communication support
  • Consultations about funding applications and project management

More info on the workspace: