Kaader filmist now, at last! Ben Rivers, 2018. LUX-i kogu. / Still from movie "free, at last!" Ben Rivers, 2018. LUX collection.

Benjamin Cook, director of LUX – Great Britain´s principal distribution agency of experimental and artist films – leads a two-day workshop for artists seeking to develop new moving image projects. Working together the group will explore conceptualisation and articulation of ideas, written and verbal presentation skills, placing projects and building partnerships, fundraising, exhibition and distribution strategies. The emphasis will be on skills that can be applied within both art and film contexts, including seeking funding, residency and production award applications as well as pitching at development markets, film festivals and other competitive contexts. Working within an informal and mutually supportive small group environment, participants will bring a short project proposal to be workshopped over the two days. This workshop will be the first of four with the following being led by Jacqui Davies, Andrea Luka Zimmerman ja Gareth Evans.


The size of the group will be 8 people. 200-word project proposal is necessary for the application. This workshop will take place in English.


21. November 1pm–5pm

22. November 10am–5pm


Participation fee 50€

More info: workshop coordinator Len Murusalu len@chronolens.com

Registration: kadi-ell@kai.center