Kai Art Center hosts an event marathon starting at 5.30pm on Wednesday, November 18th. The evening of events includes screenings of performance art, virtual studio visits and a telethon. The schedule for the evening is:


6pm to 10.30pm at Kai Auditorium-Cinema: Screening of the ISCP residency program’s fall Open Studios event, including virtual visits to the studios of artists currently participating in the program. From Estonia, Ede Raadik is participating and will give her virtual presentation at 7pm.


6pm at Kai Exhibition Space: Screening of the 7th Artishok Biennial’s first artwork, Joana Chicau’s performance copy {only} if: < copying acts > / < acts of copying >. During the 7th Artishok Biennial, curated by Laura Linsi and Roland Reemaa, 10 artists will each present one new work, and for every artwork 10 reviewers will write a review. During ten consecutive days between November 18th and 27th, the works will be premiered at various public spaces in Tallinn. A group show bringing together all these works will open at Kai Art Center on Friday, November 27th, and will remain open until December 6th.


7:30pm at Kai Exhibition Space: Performa Telethon’s viewing party, marking the 15th anniversary of the biennial. This epic, 8-hour live broadcast includes contributions from artists all over the world: live performances, limited edition sales, digital shorts, never-before-seen footage from Performa Archive, and much more. Performa Telethon is organised in support of the artists, musicians, dancers, designers, producers, and crew of the upcoming New York-wide Performa 21 Biennial. The viewing party will last until either the final visitors leave or until the end of the telethon at 5am on the morning of November 19th. The Estonian program at Performa Telethon will be broadcast between 12am and 1am. The program includes:

  • Lift11 installation O (2011). Artists: Aet Ader, Andra Aaloe, Kaarel Künnap, Grete Soosalu & Flo Kasearu. Video by Eva Kübar
  • Kyp Malone Some Song Sung Deeply in Love (2020)
  • Tommy Cash × Rick Owens × James Kerr / Scorpion Dagger Mona Lisa (2019)

Before tuning in to the live broadcast at 9pm, at 7.30pm the documentation of the Estonian Pavilion Without Walls at the Performa 17 Biennial will be screened. This includes Flo Kasearu’s Ainult liikmetele (Members Only), Kris Lemsalu and Kyp Malone’s Going, going and Anu Vahtra’s Open House Closing. A Walk. This is the first time that the documentation of all three artworks will be shown together in Estonia.


On the evening of November 18th, Kai x Puänt pop-up book and gift shop will open. Kai Art Center and book shop Puänt will join forces this holiday season to offer all Kai and Noblessner visitors a curated selection of items for your home or your gift bag.


The Event Marathon is free. There will be a bar serving drinks open on site.

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The event organisers will guarantee the possibility of following physical distancing rules on-site. We kindly ask all visitors to wear masks. In case you do not bring your own, a mask will be provided to you. Please monitor your health and stay at home if you have any symptoms.