“Chasing Unicorns”, Rain Rannu


Starring: Henrik Kalmet, Liisa Pulk, Johann Urb, Rogelio Douglas Jr., Rain Tolk
Subtitles: English, Estonian

Film runtime: 1h 47min

Ticket 5€/3€


Estonian comedy “Chasing Unicorns” (2019) on November 27th at 7pm at Kai cinema. The movie is followed by a discussion with entrepreneur Indrek Kasela, the film’s director Rain Rannu and actor Anti Kobin. Estonian and English subtitles.


“Chasing Unicorns” is a hilarious new movie told from the perspective of Õie, a young woman from rural Estonia who stumbles into the Tallinn startup scene before trying to take on the world with her own tech company. The movie is based on the real experiences of more than 30 Estonian entrepreneurs whose real-life stories overlap with Õie’s fictional journey. The director, Rain Rannu, is himself a successful Estonian entrepreneur, who has now successfully turned to filmmaking.


The movie was shot in the summer of 2018 in Estonia and California.