A panel discussion on the subject “Photography and the Ecological Gaze” will take place in Kai Art Center’s auditorium on Sunday, September 5th at 3pm as a part of Art Fair Foto Tallinn programme. The discussion is held in English. Participation with the fair ticket.



Participants are artists Iveta Gabalina, Kristina Õllek and Paul Railton. The discussion is led by Annika Toots.


The discussion focuses on the complex relationship between humans, nature and cameras. Photography has witnessed the rapid climate and environmental changes of the 20th century. It has had an important role of documenting the slow changes, which would have otherwise been left unnoticed or unwitnessed. This way photography has had an effect on the development of the so-called “ecological gaze”. At the same time, photography has been criticised for aestheticization of violence and catastrophes as well as for deepening the distance between humans and nature. The discussion touches upon this complicated relationship and looks at photographic art as a potential way for making sense of the world through uncertainty and not-knowing.



Art Fair Foto Tallinn takes place at Kai Art Center between September 2nd and September 5th, 2021, presenting the latest works by 37 Estonian and international artists. The fair is part of the main program of the 6th Tallinn Photomonth contemporary art biennial.


Tickets to the fair are available on-site or can be bought in advance here.