From left: Kristjan Kannukene and Karl Tipp

On Friday, October 1st at 3pm Kai Art Center hosts a concert by the duo Karl Tipp (amplified saxophone) and Kristjan Kannukene (amplified viola) as part of the International Music Day. Musicians Karl Tipp and Kristjan Kannukene form an improvisational ensemble whose music flows through the ages. Amplified instruments allow them to create particularly refined sounds. In addition to the concert, visitors can see Gabriele Beveridge’s and Marge Monko’s exhibition ‘Great Pretender’ in the Kai Art Center’s exhibition hall. Admission to the concert is with the exhibition ticket.


The International Music Day was initiated in 1975 and is celebrated globally on October 1st. On the initiative of the Estonian Music Council, live music has been played on that day in different parts of Estonia since 2013. International Music Day invites everyone to notice the role and importance of music in our daily lives. More info on the International Music Day in Estonia and the schedule can be found here.