Maria Plotnikova 'Ok, Let’s Talk About You Instead' (2023). Photo: Jörg Koopmann

The residency circle with Ukrainian artist Maria Plotnikova takes place at Kai Art Center on Thursday, September 7th at 5pm. The event takes place at Kai Art Center’s auditorium and will be held in English. It is free of charge.


Maria Plotnikova is a multidisciplinary visual artist who works with performance, installations, video, painting, and drawing. The subjects of Maria’s residency are related to the war in Ukraine. During her residency in Estonia, Maria plans to research the attitude of locals towards the war. She will also be continuing her ongoing project ‘Cuts’, which reflects on the traumatic experience that she herself and other Ukrainians are currently going through. She tries to break down the all-encompassing pain, hoping to open it up for more to be understood.


More info about Maria Plotnikova’s residency may be found here. Join the event on Facebook.