Can the position of a curator be seen as a parallel or metaphor to the position of a lover, and what kind of ethical responsibilities does this position create? Kai Residency presents artist and curator Saara Hannus, our current resident, who talks about their relationship to their work and the values that guide the projects they’ve initiated.


Come join us for our monthly residency evening on Tuesday, November 26th at 6pm. Read more about Kai Residency here.


Saara Hannus (lives and works in Helsinki) is a queer-feminist artist and curator working in the intersections of sexual/romantic relationships and art making. Their practice is influenced and informed by their personal interests and emotions, and they want to highlight the subjective characteristic of curatorial practices, while still actively pursuing the ethical position of a curator and stressing the politics of representation. They are currently working on an exhibition project titled Fantasy 1 & 2 on monogamy. The core questions of Fantasy 1 & 2 evolve around where the limits of monogamy lie, which structures in society and culture are maintained to support it, and can different genders and sexualities, desires and lust exist in monogamy or is it always a white, colonial cis-heterosexual structure?