Through her voice and movement performer and healer Nele Suisalu creates a healing time and space in Kai kunstikeskus / Kai Art Center. In the artist’s experience one of the most fundamental aspects of being human, living and maintaining good health is the unconditional presence in the body: “I am present: I allow myself to think, feel, experience, observe and move from moment to moment.”


The piece “Allow yourself (…)“ activates a healing and restoring space at the exhibition ‘Let the field of your attention…. soften and spread out’ on five separate occasions, marking the shifting of sunset to an increasingly earlier time and our attention’s natural turn into itself as darkness falls. The artist’s living presence in the body, movements and voice offer the audience the possibility to experience the perception of their own self and their inner experiences.


We advise you to arrive a little earlier and stay until the end of the performance (duration ca 50 minutes).


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NELE SUISALU (b. 1981, Tartu, Estonia) is a performer and healer whose work centres on themes related to embodiment (sensory, kinaesthetic and fine­tuned reality). Her artistic practice, developed under the name ‘sounding body’, relies on a somatic use of the body and improvisational synchronised vocalising. In addition to her artistic work, Suisalu conducts private vocal coaching and thanatotherapy. Suisalu has a BA in choreography from Tallinn University (2005) and in 2007 she graduated from ex.e.r.ce 07 (CCN de Montpellier/Languedoc­Roussillon, France) contemporary choreography programme and has primarily worked and studied in France since then. In addition, she has studied body psychotherapy Core Evolution (2016–2017, Tallinn) and received speed training in thanatotherapy under Roman Goldrin in 2019 (Tallinn). Suisalu’s earlier work includes the performances Ball (2008) in collaboration with choreographer and dancer Florent Hamon (France) and the solo HOME(lessness)SICKNESS (2010) for Creative Europe’s LOOPING project. In 2013, she was in residency at the Püha Vaimu artist residency (Kanuti Gildi SAAL) with new media artist Taavi Suisalu, investigating the inseparability of sound and movement. In 2015, she began developing the sounding body practice and created two short performances link/mine and Still We Stand Tall. In 2016, she founded the research platform AfektRuum/AffectSpace together with performance artist Maarja Tõnisson.