Marita Isobel Solberg’s cleansing sound performance séance draws on the traditions of Sámi joik and performance art connecting the people of Tallinn and the history of Kai Art Center with the illuminating elements of Radical Light, the exhibition by Anne Katrine Senstad.


Solberg works with light and energy, sound and the physical body to connect ourselves with earth, our minds and systems of purification. Through chanting and Joik, consciousness, dance and presence, Solberg seeks to transform space to conjure a renewed state of presence. To be present means dedicating your energy to the interconnected human and universal organism.


Solberg is a chanter, musician and a visual artist working mainly with sound, performance art and installation. An artist descending from North-Norwegian, Sámi and Finnish ancistors, growing up in Manndalen in North-Troms, Norway. In addition to her master’s degree from Oslo National Academy of the Arts (2007), she has been singing and exploring different musical genres ever since childhood. With a base in Tromsø, Norway, she lives a nomadic life on the Norwegian and international art scene. With her strong connection to the northern Norwegian part of the country, she has exhibited at BarentsSpektakel, The Arctic Arts Festival and has been the performative director of the fictional Sámi Daiddamusea in the award-winning museum performance at Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum in 2017.


Admission with the exhibition ticket 8/5€.