Marianne Jõgi’s outdoor installation Interaural Contour I opens at the Noblessner Marina in front of the Kai Art Center. This Kai summer project aims to enrich the area surrounding the center with new contemporary art.


Marianne Jõgi’s outdoor installation is an acoustically active environment whose structure not only promotes both relaxation and wellbeing, but also supports learning. Substantiated by neuroscientific research and drawing from artist Marianne Jõgi’s background in music theory and sculpture, this floating teepee offers a very particular sensorial experience.


The installation is visible at Noblessner Marina around the clock.


The installation is accessible on Visitor Days. You can find the schedule here.


The installation is located on a floating dock and we therefore recommend to wear flat shoes when visiting it. The installation is closed for visitors in case of rain and very windy weather.


The installation can also be visited at other times by appointment with a 2 EUR/person ticket (maximum group size is 5 people). Please contact to register.


More info on the project can be found here.