We extend an invitation to a two-day workshop, led by artist Carlos Monleón Gendall and taking place at Kai Art Center as part of the exhibition “Let the field of your attention… soften and spread out”. The sculptural elements, conceived as place-holders for future actions, will be activated on two evenings. We will gather together to engage in a series of practices, derived from Monleón Gendall’s artistic process, to deepen the sense of connection to self, to others, and the environment. We will hold and suspend the weight and sound of our bodies, breathing, following motions and sensations that take us from the inside to the outside and back again. We will be malleable, solid becoming liquid becoming solid. We will use the darkness and currents of season to expand and restore the systems and tissues that make us. We will seek into ourselves with the eyes of touch, the eyes of sense, to look at our hungers under another light.


The workshop will take place in English, but will be physical rather than verbal. Attendance on both evenings (September 26-27, 2019 from 5pm) is advised. Please register on info@kai.center. Registration closes on Monday, September 23.


Carlos Monleón Gendall (b. 1983, Madrid, Spain) works with a variety of processes and materials, both living and non-living, that result in sculptural and participatory artworks.These span across different levels of bodily sensation and awareness; from the microbiological to the performative and social bodies. His main line of line of work traces evolutionary processes that stem from digestion and cognition and result in the distribution of biological processes across multi-species entanglements and cybernetic metabolisms.