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In Search for a Garden beyond the Human Gaze. – a Nordic-Baltic perspective


In 2023, four art institutions around the Baltic Sea came together to activate a dialogue and explore different ways of approaching climate change beyond the conventional image. The purpose of the project In Search for a Garden beyond the Human Gaze. –   a Nordic-Baltic perspective  is to create and establish a network between Kai Art Center in Tallinn, Färgfabriken in Stockholm, CCA in Vilnius and Kim? Contemporary Art Center in Riga, for sharing experiences and producing new knowledge on the concept of garden and institutional methods in times of climate change. The garden as a concept serves as a common vantage point for the discussions.

This Nordic-Baltic network explores curatorial and other approaches available to art institutions in the context of climate change, pollution, and threats towards biodiversity, as well as what the necessary transitions might mean for us as public spaces or for art and society at large. We believe that curated spaces can play a key role for developing insights, awareness and know-how that extends beyond the conventional mediatizations of climate change.
This network has received project support from The Nordic Culture point.