The main exhibition of the 8th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial Translucency will take place at Kai Art Center from May 29th to August 15th, 2021. Translucency is an international applied art exhibition, curated by Danish glass artist and art historian Stine Bidstrup. The exhibition includes 21 artists from the Nordic countries, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Estonia, the UK and the US.


Watch video clips introducing the exhibition here.


An exhibition tour in Russian will take place on Wednesday, July 7th at 6pm and on Saturday, August 14th at 3pm.


The exhibition focuses on the phenomenon of translucency – the mysterious and multifaceted area between transparency and opacity. Artworks exhibited at Kai are conceptual, playful and experimental. The artists look at themes like presence and absence, the private and the public, individuality and collectivity, time and temporality, politics and language, material decay and structural defects. The exhibition features a variety of fields, techniques and materials – glass, textile, ceramics, garments, photography, sculpture, installation, jewellery, video, furniture, 3D printing as well as digital design.


Participating artist are Linda Aasaru (Estonia), Andrew Bearnot (USA), Erin Dickson (UK), Ditte Hammerstrøm (Denmark), Heidi Bach Hentze (Denmark), Sandra Kosorotova (Estonia), Eeva Käsper (Estonia), Julia Maria Künnap (Estonia), Helen Lee (USA), Jiyong Lee (USA), Eve Margus-Villems (Estonia), Reinoud Oudshoorn (Netherlands), Julija Pociute (Lithuania), Helena Tuudelepp (Estonia), Sandra Vaka (Norway), Hanna-Maria Vanaküla (Estonia), Sissi Westerberg (Sweden), Karlyn Sutherland (UK), Grethe Sørensen (Denmark), and Wang & Söderström (Sweden/Denmark).


Curator: Stine Bidstrup is a Danish glass artist, educator, and art historian whose work and research explores optical phenomena, and interprets and brings ideas about utopian, architectural visions to life through glass sculptures, installation and video. Bidstrup holds art degrees from The Rhode Island School of Design and The Royal Danish Academy of Art School of Design, and a degree in art history from The University of Copenhagen.


Organizers: Merle Kasonen, Keiu Krikmann, Anu Almik, Maret Sarapu, Katre Ratassepp, Kärt Maran, Marje and Martin Eelma (Tuumik Studio)


Tallinn Applied Art Triennial is an international art event established in 1997, organized by NGO Tallinn Applied Art Triennial Society. The triennial contributes to the development of the fields of applied art and contemporary craft. Alongside the international main exhibition Translucency, the 8th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial also hosts an ambitious satellite programme, including over 20 exhibitions, installations and other events taking place in various locations all over Tallinn. More information here.


Supporters: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Tallinn Culture and Sports Department, DHL Express Estonia, OnTheGoSystems


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