Raphaele Shirley ephemeral installation 100 Pink Smoke flares twice opened Kai Art Center September 21st 2019 at 7.21 pm.


100 Pink Smoke flares twice is an ephemeral installation created with 200 pink smoke signal flares. Lit simultaneously, the flares build a wall of smoke that temporarily masks the landscape behind it. This fleeting mass of color marks the appearance and disappearance of natural and urban settings as they are transformed by man’s hand. 100 Pink Smoke flares twice offers a reflection on nature’s beauty and timelessness as well as on landscapes in distress as it underlines their state of emergency in our current age of Anthropocene. The artwork oscillates between abstraction and figuration, simultaneously referring to romantic-era landscape paintings and minimalistic language.


Curator:  Karin Laansoo

Production manager:  Triin Metsla

Pyrotechnician:  Kersti Rešenjak

Music:  Katariin Raska and Anna-Liisa Eller

Installation:  Tõnu Narro and Mihkel Lember


Supported by Tallinn Culture Department