The movie screen in front of you is like a great sea. Unfold the soft paper of your seat into a small boat to be cast adrift, into the waves of metaphors.


Micheala Mihályi, David Štumpf “SH_T Happens” CZE/SVK/FRA 2019 *
Natko Stipanicev “Arka” HRV 2020
Sylvie Denet “At the Edge” FRA 2020
Shiva Sadegh Asadi “Crab” IRN 2020
Cécile Brun “Letting Go” CHE 2019
Bruno Quast “Pao Pae” EST 2019 *
Sandra Desmazières “Flowing Home” FRA/HRV 2020


70 minutes
* studentfilm


Ticket with the price 5/3,5 € can be bought in advance here or at Kai Art Center before the screening.


Kai Art Center is one of the screening venues of the international animation festival Animist Tallinn taking place from 18 to 21 August 2021. Animist Tallinn is a new annual animation festival that offers the audience an overview of the best contemporary films, values animation as an art form, promotes creative thinking and contributes to the distribution of Estonian animation.