Trapped inside our bodies we are running through the forest, being chased by the wild dogs of life. Shall we make peace with the lot we are given, or ignore the path laid out for us, stop being such a goat, and experiment with new ways of living.


María Cristina Pérez “It’s All The Salt’s Fault” COL 2020
Mahboobeh Kalaee “The Fourth Wall” IRN 2021
Kajika Aki Ferrazzini “Mom” FRA 2020
Milda Kargaudaitė “To Be a Goat…” GBR 2020 *
Maria Trigo Teixeira “Inside Me” DEU 2019 *
Thomas Renoldner “Don’t Know What” AUT 2019
Nata Metlukh “Awkward” USA 2020
Yiyang Sun “Tatata” CHN 2020 *
Kirill Khachaturov “Naked” RUS 2019 *


70 minutes
* studentfilm


Ticket with the price 5/3,5 € can be bouth in advance here or at Kai Art Center before the screening.


Kai Art Center is one of the screening venues of the international animation festival Animist Tallinn taking place from 18 to 21 August 2021. Animist Tallinn is a new annual animation festival that offers the audience an overview of the best contemporary films, values animation as an art form, promotes creative thinking and contributes to the distribution of Estonian animation.