In 2035, the mega-city of Tallinn runs by a programme called the Psychobook. The programme is suddenly attacked by a virus called the Soviet Union, and two CIA agents – D. T. Gagano and Palmer Eldritch have to solve the problem. And this is even before Staling, Batman, Bush, Jesus and the others get involved in the game.


Similarly to his famous fellow countryman Luis Buñuel, Spanish director Miguel Llansó takes his motley genre-trash to places where no one has been before. Here, everything is slightly shifted and therefore always fresh. However, the mask of a fast-paced and peculiar feature film hides powerful and worrying social criticism of the today’s world where our lives and thoughts are directed by computer networks, large corporations and international conspiracies.


Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway (2019) – SciFi political satire shot between Ethiopia, Estonia, Latvia and Spain – is Miguel’s second feature film. The Spanish filmmaker lives and works in Estonia.