The short film collection “Arts of Survival” presents eight stories about Tartu and Southern Estonia, capturing the tricks and mysteries about the arts of survival. Renowned filmmakers from Estonia and abroad bring us uniquely wild tales of people, communities, and the culture they live in.


In these stories, we meet peculiar vehicles known as “karakat” from Peipsi, charming non-places of Tartu, the wild German woman living an off-grid life without water and electricity, mischievous goats and crazy village parties, the diverse Annelinn residents and nostalgic Petseri, slime mould and space exploration, and of course, the artists of survival from today and past.


Ticket can be bought here or at Kai Art Center before the screening.


Country: Estonia

Language: Estonian, Russian, English

Subtitle Language: Estonian, English

Distributor: MTÜ Tartu Filmiselts