A Short Course in Disappearance is a bold new collection of short films. Five films, five directors, from westerns to outer space. Five times more powerful cinema experience.


Dear Passengers (“Kallid reisijad”, D: Madli Lääne)

A lonely traveler embarks on a journey to find relief for a hidden yearning. Her restless longing spreads around and forces fellow passengers to face their own desires and disappointments.


Octave (“Oktav”, D: Eeva Mägi)

A woman’s voice can silence injustice, lower weapons and stop trains. In this opera-western, the question is whether Ada can hit the right note to save her brother’s and her own life from the vindictive Sheriff.


Blue (“Sinine”, D: Tõnis Pill)

When two strangers’ paths cross after a car accident, the woman hijacks the situation and gets into the man’s car, demanding that he take her away from the scene. As the man tries to find a way out of the situation, fragments from the woman’s past start painting a picture of the tragic events that happened to her.


Drifting Off Into the Sistance (“Triivides kaugusse”, D: Rebeka Rummel)

Astronaut Aleksei and his wife Vera find themselves facing a disconnected relationship, in which the trust they once shared has become the food to the fears of a society.


Heiki in the Other Side (“Heiki teisel pool”, D: Katariina Aule)

Heiki on the Other Side is a dark comedy that tells the story of Heiki – a young man who dies during a party he’s hosting at the house of his recently passed grandfather and ends up in the Underworld where he must face the consequences of his death. Waking up on a mysterious beach, Heiki is surrounded by hundreds of people who all seem to patiently be waiting for something. Only after talking to Charon, the ferryman of the Underworld, does Heiki realise that he is indeed dead.


Meanwhile in reality, after finding his unresponsive body, Heiki’s friends Riho and Harri don’t arrive at the same conclusion. Instead, they start entertaining themselves by drawing obscenities on Heiki’s face. With those crude drawing on his face, Heiki finds out that to cross the river of the Underworld he must either wait a 100 years or pay for the trip with a coin, which of course Heiki doesn’t have.


Moving on from drawing, Riho and Harri continue their entertainment by stacking random things on Heiki, not knowing that every object touching Heiki’s body ends up reaching him on the other side as well. When Heiki is struck by his grandfather’s teapot falling from the sky it catches the eye of none other than Heiki’s grandfather himself. Seeing a familiar face rejoices both men but this presents a new problem – he also needs to get his grandfather on Charon’s boat.


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Country: Estonia

Director: Maldi Lääne, Eeva Mägi, Tõnis Pill, Rebeka Rummel, Katariina Aule

Language: Estonian

Subtitle Language: English