In the near future, a mysterious phenomenon strikes humanity and unexplained mutations gradually transform parts of the population into human-animal hybrids. The creatures, considered a threat by many, are sent to specialised centre in an attempt to stop their mutations from progressing and to control their apparent violent tendencies. When a convoy bringing hybrids to a new facility crash in a forest, paranoia spreads in the local community as the surviving creatures scatter into the wild. François and his 16-year-old son Emile embark on a desperate search for his missing wife Lena who disappeared after the crash.


As François clings to the family’s past, he progressively loses his grip on Emile, who has started to notice transformations in his own body, leaving his fate increasingly uncertain. But as he secretly bonds with creatures he met in the forest, Emile opens his eyes to their humanity, leaving him and his father forever changed as the authorities close in.


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Country: Prantsusmaa, Belgia

Language: prantsuse

Subtitle Language: estonian, vene