The main characters in the documentary film “Elusive Landscapes” include Pille, Felix, Father Agaton, Hellat and Kateriina, who all live in Western Estonia. Pille, whose last surviving close relative is her daughter living in Finland, attempts to farm sheep alone while defying old age. Felix is worried about bees. Beehives remain empty, bee colonies are dying out, queens are not laying enough eggs for the new generations to hatch. Fields are being poisoned and primaeval forests are being clear-cut. Father Agaton serves small local Estonian Apostolic Orthodox Church congregations, performs blessings, and administers Communion. The Estonian Defence League member Hellat and his daughter Kateriina look for silver, which is supposedly buried in the ground.


Legend has it that Vikings reached the local seaside villages through a place called Neidsaare, through the reed turfs of the shallow bay.


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Country Estonia

Director: Sulev Keedus

Language: Estonian

Subtitle Language: English