Toomas Aria’s excitement-based action film “Justice”, which was screened at the virtual HÕFF last year, caused a lot of fur in the media and it was already started to be called cult. The film, which spoke of Ahto (Toomas Aria), who had been unfairly imprisoned and who wants to get justice done after his release, shouted for success. Now it’s done.




A drug lord is captured and held in prison. He escapes from there to revenge Ahto, who put him there. After Ahto and his family returns to Estonia from Finland begins thrilling action. Will it end well, you will see in action film “Justice 2”. In conclusion shooting, beating and fast cars are just a few words to describe the film.


Ticket can be bought in advance here or at Kai Art Center before the screening. More info here.

Country: Estonia

Director: Toomas Aria

Language: Estonian

Subtitle Language: English, Russian