Magical fantasy, heart-rending drama, rocky musical are merged with Greek mythology, post-soviet realities, gorgeous nature adventures, dream space visions and newly recorded songs by cult Lithuanian band ‘Šiaurės kryptis’ (may be translated as Northern Direction) in awesomely creative co-production collaboration of all three Baltic Countries. Estonian 3D animation, practical & visual effects, Latvian camera, set designs & decorations and Lithuanian sounds, costumes & storytelling joined forces for visionary surreal fable about eternity of love, edited by French Lady D. Sichov (actress of Abel Ferrara’s recent movies ‘Syberia’ and ‘Zeros and Ones’).


Rocker Dainius passionately researching the meanings of dreams and learning how to read them. Loner’s heart is broken, but he hopes to meet suddenly lost wife, who can’t visit Dainius anymore in a togetherly constructed remote forest dome, surrounded by swamps. The only chance to communicate with her may happen only in bizarre and sometimes weird dreams, which help to disperse inner pains of longing and suffering. Dainius befriends a curious local boy for necessary assistance, but his absence from illegal deeds at home is reported to the police by irresponsible parents.


Ticket can be bought in advance here or at Kai Art Center before the screening. More info here.


Country: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

Director: Kristijonas Vildziunas

Cast: Lukas Malinauskas, Agnese Cirule, Rokas Rinkevicius, Mantas Zemleckas, Saulius Bareikis

Language: Lithuanian

Subtitle Language: Estonian, English