Stairway to Heaven is written and directed by Mart Kivastik. The film is based on Kivastik’s novel of the same name, which was published in 2019.


Stairway to Heaven is a story about time and music, friendship and love, death and life today and in the childhood of the 70s. The story begins when a friend reveals with his final breath to protagonist Uu a secret, teaching him to go into the past. Uu is an engineer and does not believe in magic, but the trick actually works. The past is nice, eternal Summer, long hair, girls, and Jenkki chewing gum. His real life is an Autumn; friends are embritted, girls as married and his father severly ill. Eventually, Uu will have to decide, whether he wants to continue living in the Summer of the past or the Autumn of the present.


The time-traveling Uu is portrayed by Mait Malmsten as an adult, and Timotheus Sammul as a youth. Other roles are played by Raivo Trass (friend Georg), Ivo Uukkivi (young Georg), Rita Raave (Georg’s wife Ruth), Harriet Toompere (Uu’s wife Tiuks), Tõnu Oja and Kaarel Pogga (Uu’s relative Paul), Kersti Heinloo and Lena Barbara Luhse (Paul’s girlfriend Ülle), Kaie Mihkelson (Uu’s mother), Voldemar Kuslap (Uu’s father), Külli Teetamm (young Uu’s mother), Hannes Hermaküla (young Uu’s father), Taavi Teplenkov and Rasmus Ermel (Uu’s driend Doctor), and others.


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Country: Estonia

Director: Mart Kivastik

Language: Estonian

Subtitle Language: English; Russian