A touching adaptation of Paolo Cognetti’s novel about a friendship forged in the spectacular Western Alps.


During a summer stay in the heart of the Aosta Valley, 11-year-old city boy Pietro makes the acquaintance of Bruno, a cowherd of the same age. Together, these adventurous boys explore the abandoned houses of the mountain village and follow a wild river. Twenty years later, they’ve taken different paths: Pietro has gone out into the world as a documentary filmmaker, while Bruno has stayed behind in his village. Pietro returns to find refuge in the tranquility of the mountains. He also wants to try to reconcile with his past.


The film was awarded the Jury Prize at Cannes.


Ticket can be bought in advance here or at Kai Art Center before the screening.


Country: France, Belgium, Italy

Director: Felix van Groeningen, Charlotte Vandermeersch

Language: Italian

Subtitle Language: Estonian, Russian