Mari, a young woman facing last stage cancer, is fighting fiercely over the custody rights of her children, trying to prove that in spite of her condition, she is still a fully capable mother. In the middle of all this, her 12-years-old son Oliver is trying, against all odds, to stay cheerful and brave, supporting his mother in every way. In her sensitive and wise way Mari is preparing Oliver for her demise giving him guidance for life and consolation, promising to be in touch even after her death. When the day comes, Oliver keeps sharing his life with his mother.


Who Am I Smiling For?, a documentary by Eeva Mägi, tells a story about the strength of motherly love and fight for her children literally to her last breath. It’s a film about the coming of age of a boy amidst deep and irreversible changes, while trying to find his own way to mourn and understand the world.


Ticket can be bought in advance here or at Kai Art Center before the screening.


Country: Estonia

Director: Eeva Mägi
Language: Estonian
Subtitle Language: English