Kris Lemsalu Malone & Kyp Malone Lemsalu Love Song Sing Along (Once Again With Feeling!)


Kris Lemsalu Malone & Kyp Malone Lemsalu’s Love Song Sing Along (Once Again With Feeling!) is open at Kai until September 6th. Taking on the roles of archetypal Adam and Eve, the artists tackle the world’s creation myth, giving central roles to characters such as a swan, rabbit, and jaguar. In the artists’ words, “It’s a work that’s taken from the personal in real time then abstracted through myth, some borrowed, some improvised. A cosmogony of our relating to one another.” Read more about the exhibition from Artdaily and Coolhunting.


In collaboration with the artists, Kai launched a limited collection of sweatshirts designed specially for Love Song Sing Along (Once Again With Feeling!). Check out the exhibition merch in our Instagram.


The exhibition is open Wednesdays to Sundays from 12pm to 7pm. Ticket prices are 8€/5€, and on Wednesdays admission is at the discounted price of 5€ for everyone. You can purchase tickets at Kai Art Center or get them in advance.


Kai Art Center is closed on August 20th for Estonian Restoration of Independence celebrations.


The exhibition is supported by Tallinn Culture Department.


Marianne Jõgi ‘Interaural Contour I’


Marianne Jõgi’s outdoor installation Interaural Contour I is open for visitors at the Noblessner Marina in front of the Kai Art Center.


The floating teepee, which was on view in 2018 during Artnight London, is an acoustically active environment. Substantiated by neuroscientific research and drawing from artist Marianne Jõgi’s background in music theory and sculpture, this installation offers a very particular sensorial experience, promoting both relaxation and wellbeing. The immersive sculpture is accompanied by composer Ülo Krigul’s sound piece Water Itself.


In August the teepee can be experienced free of charge on 12 Visitor Days. You can find the schedule here.


The installation can also be visited at other times by appointment with a 2€/person ticket (maximum group size is 5 people). Please contact to sign up.


The project is supported by Tallinn Culture Department and Port Noblessner.


Kai cinema in August


Throughout August, film fans are greeted by Roy Anderson’s new film About Endlessness (please note that the film is in Swedish with Estonian and Russian subtitles), Sally Potter’s delicate drama The Roads Not Taken and Brian Welsh’s fast-paced rave-film and audience favorite Beats. Kai cinema tickets are 5€/3€. The tickets can be bought in advance or at Kai. The cinema schedule and ticket info can be found here.