In February, Kai Art Center announced an open call for the composition of a musical piece inspired by Anne Katrine Senstad‘s exhibition Radical Light.


We are pleased to announce that an international jury consisting of artist Anne Katrine Senstad, composer Pall Ragnar Palsson, Ingrid Kohtla (Tallinn Music Week), and Karin Laansoo (Kai Art Center) has chosen Sander Shifter from St. Petersburg, Russia as the winner. Second place went to Andrea Patron from Italy, who lives in Estonia, and third place went to Estonian composer Andres Vihterpal.


The winning piece will be played at the exhibition Radical Light from June 10th to 14th. Tallinn Music Week has given festival passes as a special prize to winners of first and second place. 48 composers from all over the world submitted their works to the competition.


“We were very pleased to see that Anne Katrine Senstad’s light installation inspired so many musicians and composers from Estonia and abroad to create new musical pieces. The trio of finalists were all very distinctive, but the music of winner Sander Shift left the deepest impression on the jury, with its cinematic and cosmic, space-creating atmosphere. The sound piece that accompanies Senstad’s exhibition has been an organic part of the Radical Light installation, and now visitors will have an opportunity to experience the synergy between light and two different soundscapes,” says Karin Laansoo, Artistic Director of Kai Art Center.


Sander Shifter is a musician and composer from St. Petersburg who works under the record company Unline. Shifter plays several instruments, creates music for films and art projects, among other things, and organizes the experimental music festival Horizon in St. Petersburg, which has been taking place since 2016.


Sander Shifter describes the process of creating his sound piece: “I imagined a person being in the atmosphere of the exhibition Radical Light, and I asked myself – what kind of sounds, vibrations and rhythms help to perceive the exhibition more directly? I was inspired by the installation and the space around it, its acoustics and openness, where there is a lot of air and the sound can move freely.”


Read more about the exhibition Radical Light here and come experience Sander Shifter’s soundscape from June 10th to 14th at Kai Art Center. Kai is open from Wed-Sun 12pm-7pm.