Auditorium of Kai Art Center. The roundtable is held in English.

Tanja Muravskaja, Rebecca Erin Moran, Fabian Schroder, and Paul Kuimet. The talk is moderated by Indrek Grigor.

While the practice and subject matter of the participating photo artists are relatively different, they are all facing the same attempts that keeps haunting (art) photography time and again – how to describe the phenomenon as a whole. These attempts have been in parallel, both infertile and totalitarian. Without offering a sustainable and evolving language of description, they are traditional grand narratives that occupy all photography. One of the most recent global generalizations about the nature of photography is trauma. However, this new generalization cannot overcome the previous notions of photography as index and as a technology. The practice of the participating artists in the roundtable is influenced not only by the social role of the photographic medium but also by photography as a technological medium. While the discussion is unlikely to bring upon a theoretical revolution, the artists will introduce their personal position in relation to their chosen medium.